Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yesterday I went to a couple of shops looking for blush since people think I need blush for face (couldnt really find what I wanted) but anyway I ended up getting a blush and 2 eyeshadows for $2!!!!! wow oh how I love groove. I love these eyeshadows Ive bought them tonnes of times and I reckon they are simply rediciously good! Just as good as napolen perdis and such. The colours are vibrant and it goes and stays on really well.

This one is a purpley grey
And this one is turqoiuse
I got these two colours as I already have red, blue, orange and yellow. They are called eyes by Jac cosmetics,

Heres the blush - its called universal blush puff by Jac cosmetics. It even has a mirror on top!

The I went to cube (which is ridiciously awesome) its a shop which rents these shelves/cubes to customers and those customers sell whatever they want in it. You get lots of asian stuff and they sell heroine, bb cream, dollywinks eyelashes cases and then everything else but I ended up getting this eyelash glue (as I need when eyelashes arrive and I dont wanna spend a fortune on dollywinks eyelash glue)

So I fot this eyelash fix in white (which turns to clear) and its from koji for like $6 which I think is pretty cheap.

Then there I also got one of those hairtie/bracelet things for like $2!

Man I love that place, if anyone lives in Brisbane, Australia you should cheak it out at sunnybank plaza.

Owww and also I forgot to show you the bows I also made the other day (I love tartan!!!) Cant decide whether to put on bands or clips....

Woops just realised I didnt turn it... oh well.

What you think?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Deco attempts!

Lately ive been getting into decoing but I aint the best yet so I need more practice! But here I have decoed a mirror, card holder and planner for 2011!

Ive only done deocing on nails! Which Ill be posting soon.


Very first attempt :/ Not cool

Second attempt... eh

Third attempt... Should take off those stars and put something bigger there.... Need to buy more supplies.

Outfits of late

Here is some outfits from recently, its difficult without a mirror but I hope this suffices!

So now you will know what I look like - I have some lashes coming in the mail so I hope will help! and need to buy better foundation but I have no money for it... :(

Was wearing with rockinghorse. Pity you cant see my chain cause I love them! I was going for something slightly edgy

I still need lashes (on the way) and to do eyeliner better on upper lid etc but I dont have any liquid liner yet

I love suspenders! I look evil...


This is the usamimi that I bought for $4 AUS the other day from random asian shop! What a bargain!

Pretty hey!

Then it inspired me to make my own! So I made like 6? one is not pictured as I left in car after halloween which I used as my furry bunny ears!


So what do you think? Cute aye!

Im thinking of making some more.

I also made 2 bows which I forgot to take photos of: one was tartan amd one in same purple fabric.
Show you later maybeee