Monday, August 29, 2011

Fairy kei...

Just posting cute pics I found, not mine!!!

 Oh god, I want this!!!!

 I like the yellow one!

 Who is she! I see her pics heaps of places!!!

 gyaru but popkei looking, what style is this?

 So colourful! dont know what style this is,,, fruits? decora? cyber? no idea

Oh god I want this! vivienne westwood! how much? as I want muchly

 oh kyary... I should do a whole post on you
 Adorable! I wanna make a pair!


 I want a shirt like this, tying in a knot seems to be popular lately... but think of the creases!

 Adorable nails and beanie, want!

 I really like this style, dunno if it has a name but loving the colour and pop culture references!

 Love the batman, not the crocs...

 Neeed this bag, I love mike *whats his face* cant spell last name ho ho ho

 I should make a pair!

I want a pair of those platform connies....

Last post for tonight... promise

I did this co-ord, Dont think I like though, dont know how to wear this cardi yet...

 excuse face and hair, was in hurry
 we went to a street festival and we had to try these, as ive seen on other blogs
 it was ok... but im not really a big fan of potato... to oily for me, luckily ant liked better.

and now for some pretty pictures of nails and beauty that I got from another blog, cant remember whos though... but they arent mine lol.
I think they are froom popteen sept 2011

 Love these hairstyles, so cute with the pink undertones!!

 very rockish!

 I love the top hairstyle, very pretty

 Love the hair and zebra!

 No idea where headscarf is from but I do like it, since usually I hate them.... maybe its the colour leopard print

 I think this is a shop staff but shes cute

Cute yes?
Magazines are so pricey and if I wasnt saving for japan and sydney then I would buy but alas I can only look at scanned images, sigh

third...for the night

Recent gets!

 I love this batwing jumper, I love stripes!!!

 Hot pink and bright orange cardi, so prettty

 bright royal blue chiffon top, You cant see colour in my room but you probs saw in ekka post

 Cant decide if I like this..

 or like this

 It looks odd...God excuse the mess

 Been collecting the new pokemon black and white starter pokemon from maccas, so far got oshawott and snivvy, Best toys in ages!!!

 # pack of belts, hot pink, cobalt blue and black for $13! awesome

 It was mercedes benz fashion week in Brisbane and they were giving away these blonde protecting hair sunscreen, havent used yet so Ill review later... Its a masssive fullsize bottle :)

 Got these rice moulds from this new $2.80 store in sunnybank! so cute! I like the teddy one. They also have star shaped ones, I shall get them next...

and snivvy!!!

Food thats awesome and gets

Ok second post for tonight..

Snack time, I love asian snacks but I havent posted my fav which is fried seaweed with wasabi flavouring,num nums Ill take pic next time.

But first, the weird puffs which taste sweet and seaweedy, did not like...
 I just bought as character was funny
 weird nugget of puff
 Second snack was puff of choc was salty outer but choc inside, was nice though
Almost like nuttella

Next up is crafty stuff, My headphones I decoed

 What you think...?

 My purple foxtail which Im super happy with, was like $18 bucks shipped and had a lovely gold clip, if you want seller on ebay just ask
 I also bought this from a korean store
Scary!!!!!!! It did nothing ecept my face feel tight after use... maybe I just tried wrong brand