Monday, August 29, 2011

third...for the night

Recent gets!

 I love this batwing jumper, I love stripes!!!

 Hot pink and bright orange cardi, so prettty

 bright royal blue chiffon top, You cant see colour in my room but you probs saw in ekka post

 Cant decide if I like this..

 or like this

 It looks odd...God excuse the mess

 Been collecting the new pokemon black and white starter pokemon from maccas, so far got oshawott and snivvy, Best toys in ages!!!

 # pack of belts, hot pink, cobalt blue and black for $13! awesome

 It was mercedes benz fashion week in Brisbane and they were giving away these blonde protecting hair sunscreen, havent used yet so Ill review later... Its a masssive fullsize bottle :)

 Got these rice moulds from this new $2.80 store in sunnybank! so cute! I like the teddy one. They also have star shaped ones, I shall get them next...

and snivvy!!!

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