Monday, November 14, 2011

Some recent buys

 Bought this Maybelline fit me powder in 115 which was lightest! I really like it so far  but Ill review it later. Was on sale at big w for $7 yay!

 Got this bys eyeshadow (I really like bys it seems...) Its really pretty and purple and dark. I like it a lot! Ill review it to! All reviews soon I promise

 I also got this stitch kigurumi which is soooooo awesome!!!! and soft and comfy but way to hot for australia until april hahahah....see what I have to put up with!

 I also got this gift pack of eyeshadow dusts/creams which I only got cause of pretty packaging. Im a sucker for leopard esp when pink and gold included.

I also got this real cheap gift set of sex in the city perfumes/lotions as I like to spray perfume for work but dont wanna use my nice stuff all the time. I dont like sex in the city but their perfumes are allright hahaha and for $19 for all that stuff you cant go wrong.

I also saw this really cute outfit by one spo I think and I had to post it!!!

 And oh god I need these shoes, I saw them on urban outfitters site and now I really want them!!!! Arent they hot!!!

supanova weekend nov 4th to 6th

My bf and I are massive comic book nerds so we went to supanova which is a comic/anime/sci fi convention which goes from friday to sunday. So we booked a hotel for 2 nights and went for all three days. Bought a lot, saw luna lovegood and val kilmer and listened to their q and a's, also christopher llyod and billy boyd (merry or pippin from lord of the rings... cant member which one) and other famous sci fi people etc.

 We went as anakin from star wars (me) and obi wan (bf) we modified our costumes since halloween. So slightly diff. So many awesome cosplayers so Ive included photos of awesome ones.



 One of many harley quinns (arkham asylum one)

 us with princess leia
 I awesome captain america chick

 Me with cap america and deadpool

 ant with a jedi

 the pokemon sycther


 Babydoll (one of many)

 Chooie, stormtrooper and us

 ant and a very funny joker

 A really hot spartacus

 Mr freeze!

 Huntress and I

 A batman (one of many)

 Hagrid with his massive platforms

 A blood elf (this was taken for bro hahah)

 Raphael from tmnt (he took off awesome mask/head as was so hot)
 Another batman

 Ant in a delorean

 Ant and ventress

 Zatanna and I


 Tali and ant (shes from mass effect)

 More mass effecters

 Another batman (can you tell I love batman)

 That dude from lord of the rings. Most epic of costumes! he was wearing stilts as was like 2.5 metres tall!!!

Him and another lotr character. See the height difference!!!

And im done for now.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recent gets:

 heh twisties limited edition for halloween, look like ghosts and tastes like paprika and tomato. yum yum!

 Pretty jelly thongs with pretty bow! so cheap like $15? pretty!

 New graphic novel! yay

 My mum bought some clinique products and I got gwp. I got the makeup bag, moisture surge hydrator, blush and my mum took the other stuff...

 I also got this Chanel Chance sample of perfume.

 I love moisture surge, so cool on the face. Ill review later.

 I got this blush, its like a pretty berry colour. I'll review later too.

I also got this Derma hand cream which I quite like.

 I bought some rimmel stuff and I got this pretty purse free.

 I bought this rimmel 60 second  nail polish in this pretty green shade, it reminds me of mermaid scales. Ill review later.

I finally found this Kate Moss rimmel lipstick in #10 which is the shade seen in the ads.  Ill review later.