Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recent gets:

 heh twisties limited edition for halloween, look like ghosts and tastes like paprika and tomato. yum yum!

 Pretty jelly thongs with pretty bow! so cheap like $15? pretty!

 New graphic novel! yay

 My mum bought some clinique products and I got gwp. I got the makeup bag, moisture surge hydrator, blush and my mum took the other stuff...

 I also got this Chanel Chance sample of perfume.

 I love moisture surge, so cool on the face. Ill review later.

 I got this blush, its like a pretty berry colour. I'll review later too.

I also got this Derma hand cream which I quite like.

 I bought some rimmel stuff and I got this pretty purse free.

 I bought this rimmel 60 second  nail polish in this pretty green shade, it reminds me of mermaid scales. Ill review later.

I finally found this Kate Moss rimmel lipstick in #10 which is the shade seen in the ads.  Ill review later.


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