Monday, January 16, 2012

Lime crime review

In the cyber monday sales back in november/december dunno when was... a while ago though i ordered some stuff from the lime crime website. I ordered the eyeshadow primer, the lilac lipstick and the eyeshadow pigment in empress. I think they had 30% off so the lipsticks worked to like $10? I cant remember but were reasonable otherwise bit to pricey for me plus postage.

 Pretty packaging!

 Pretty postcard it came with.

 Also a pretty sticker!

 And the goodies

 Pretty unicorns!!

OK, what do I think...

I love the packaging the package came in, I liked how their purple theme ran from the packaging to the actual packaging of the products. Ok so maybe I also bought this stuff because I love purple and cutesey. I thought the sticker and postcard of their carousel glosses was a nice touch. The package didnt take long to arrive, I think a week or so, and thats to Australia!!! Quick!

Lipstick: The colour of the lipstick i love, its so unique and so me. The packaging is very sturdy plastic and with a unicorn! the lipstick itself is very very moisturising but thats why its also bad. It pretty much melted and broke in the Brisbane weather. I may have pressed down a little to hard on the lipstick and the base broke and is now tilted to one side.... sigh. I think this may have been because a combination of heat and the lipstick being to soft... I find that I have to put at least 2 to 3 swipes of th lipstick for it to completely cover my lips otherwise it is quite streaky. You just cant have streaky purple lipstick otherwise you will see the lips underneath. It looks odd otherwise. Once applied properly though it looks beautfiul! I got so many compliments that my lips looked so moisturised as well as purple. I did love that it was moistursing (apart from it breaking/soft) because once on it lasted me at least 3 to 4 hourse (without eating.) It does not leave a stain though otherwise that could also look odd haha.

Would I repurchase this: Yes, but leave it in a cooler place or only use in winter. Brisbane summer is way to hot for it. Also want to try other colours.

Eyeshadow primer:

This primer comes in an adorable pastel green screw top jar? The product itself is a pale creamy beige. you have to swipe your finger/or brush on the palette. This means it could get grotty but eh, Ill be allright but it also means I can get all the product out!!! ho ho ho.
The consistency is like a cream eyeshadow, quite soft though but quite moisturising. I find that it gives quite a nice base to work with. Suits my colouring well. I wait a couple of minutes before I apply shadows though. I find that it doesnt blend well with fingers though but does allright when using brushes. Odd yeah? but I have had no problems with creasing!!!! even with the cheaper eyeshadows. I enjoy this. But then this is why I bought it...

Would I repurchase this: yes, but it may be a long long time away. and I also want to try other eyeshadow primer products.

The lipstick swatch and empress swatch

Eyeshadow pigment: Empress

Ok so I chose the wrong eyeshadow... I read reviews after I got this (why didnt I do this before!!!) but apparently this was is one of the worst eyeshadows they have because it does not have very good pigmentation. :( you can see from the photo. It has alot of fallout. I love the colour and the sturdy container but alas the pigmentation is not that great! Read a great review here: Dark side of beauty now I want some dragon scales and medusa (knew I should have picked medusa dammit) but I also want to try the fyrinnae eyeshadows (when the site lets me order!!!) they look amazing, look here: fyrinnae
Woulld I repurchase: Yes but different colours, namely dragon scales and medusa...

So what you think?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

December empties...

Yea it took a while but hey, at least im doing it.

8 Empties!!! All empty!

I shall go clockwise from left.

First up: clinique rinse off eye makeup solvent

I had the sample size of this eyemakeup remover forever (well it felt like it) it stung my eyes after a bit and felt oily even after I washed my eyes. It did not remove all of my waterproof makeup but it did remove my non waterproof stuff. Biggest problem is if it does not remove my waterproof mascara then what is the point of using it! I expect to not have to use 2 makeup pads worth of eye makeup remover for one eye and not even have it all taken off. No thanks... Ive moved on a better one which I enjoy much more.

Did I use all of this: yes

Would I repurchase this: NO. Burned my eyes and didnt work well on removing all my waterproof mascara.

Second: Clinique liquid facial soap: mild

I also had a sample size of this to. I get alot of GWP samples as my mum never uses them and gives them to me. So you shall see a lot of clinique reviews/empties, Anyway this lasted me ages. Its an ok cleanser.  I  use a small squirt  but I find it doesnt foam or lather very well unless I use a fingernail amount of product, so lately ive been doing that as I wanna use this tube up. If you put a fingernail amount it works well and I feel like I have a nice clean face, not that stripped of moisture feeling but nice and clean. I actually dont mind this cleanser.

Did I use all of this: yes

Would I repurchase this: Probs not as I think ive got another 2 tubes to use up and I dont want to pay so much a cleanser I dont love.

Third: Clinique 7 day scrub cream:

Yet again another sample size that lasted forever. I do like this one though as the beads are less harsh than other scrubs and so tiny. In most scrubs the exfoliating beads/grains whatever are quite large like coarse sand but this scrub they are like third of the size. I like that as its less irritable on my skin. I dont think ive noticed a huge improvement in the removal of my dry skin flakes though... as I have dry patches around mouth, chin, edges of faces and I havent noticed much improvement... It also leaves a milky finish on skin after ive finished using it.

Did I use all of this: yes I did.

Would I repurchase this: No I doubt it as I dont notice a differece with my skin flaking and I dont want to pay $47 of something like that, plus Ive got another bit of another tube to go.

Fourth: The bodyshop mineral foundation spf 25 number 2:

I think I had the right colour and I used a kabuki brush with it, not the body shop one though. When the girl put it on it looked great (as it always does) but when I put it on it didnt look very covering and showed up all my dry spots and I have lots of that. I just found it didnt have great coverage and I like to have medium coverage and I even applied a heavier amount but alas. I also found that it didnt last that long. I swear my MAC has lasted me so much longer. It was quite sturdy but I didnt like how the writing just disappeared, Luckily on the bottom of the case it said what it was...

Did I use all of this: Majority except for a tiny bit as I couldnt get it out.

Would I repurchase this: No, as I didnt like the coverage I got and I dont want to fork out $40 for a foundation that doesnt last that long and doesnt give me good coverage.

Fifth: Clinique moisture surge:

I quite like this gel but I find it more refreshing than hydrating. I dont feel like it actually does anything for my skin and Ive applied it both as a mask and just as a gel and both ways it doesnt do much. It just feels refreshing but then I get the slight stinging feeling after a couple of minutes... sigh. My skin hates me.It even burns when I have sunscreen on for too long and I get sweaty... oh well. anyway its ok for people who dont have really dry sensitive skin, as lots of people rave about this. Not me though.
Did I use all of this: Yes

Would I repurchase this: no as I found it didnt do anything for my skin. Hydrate or moisturise, i think not.

Sixth: David Jones shea butter shower gel.

Sorry but I dont have a pic. Was from a gift set and was travel size. This smelt lovely and nutty and was really soapy and bubbley. It felt nice on the skin, but for me soap is fine. I dont use shower gels unless someone gives me them as I dont really care that much about smells that dont linger after i wash with them. eh.

Did i use all of this: yep and quickly, doesnt last long but then it was tinnnyyyyy.

Would I repurchase this: No, I dont particularly care about shower gels.

and the last two things are not even worth mentioning as they are so old I doubt they even exist. But they were: colose cosmetic system mild facial cleansing milk and clinique take the day off cleansing milk, both were cleansing milks and I hate cleansing milks as I never feel they cleanse me so those who both no thankyous for me.

holidays and camping!

A couple of weekends before new years we went camping near rainbow beach on the sunshine coast, you need a 4wd to get there. My friend and I set up on the friday morning (the wind was so strong) and the bf and others came up at night.

We also stayed there at new years but in a different camping ground. First time was along the beach and second time in a campsite as the beach was booked out... :( so many people lit fireworks and flares on the beach at nye (which is illegal) but was good they did. Rainbow beach is a beautiful place and if you own a 4wd you shall love it to.

We climbed sanddunes, up to the lighthouse (but my camera died as we walked up so no views...) played sport, swam, relaxed and went 4wding (which i never thought would be fun but actually is.)

No makeup to be worn while camping! only suncream and even then I still got burnt....

 Taken from the car. Very cloudy... :(

 Sand dunes!

 On the massive sand dune drinking beer.

 Summer ahhhh.

 This was either dawn or dusk..

 Crab holes!

 This was taken about 6am...

 See the different coloured sands?


 Walking up the lighhouse but then my phone died.

 Red canyon! hard sand dunes

 You must go there sometime if you are in QLD, Australia. Screw the gold coast, sunshine coast much better and pretty.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

september/october/november empties

On several beauty blogs out there in particular (beauty reductionista) they have a post every month called empties and whatever month it is. So this is like 3 months worth. Its a very useful tool as then you try and finish things instead of just lying them around. I know thats what I would do otherwise...

First up: Nivea hand age defying Q10 plus.

This hand cream was way to runny, it was a very light moistriser. I prefer my hand creams to be thick and i felt this cream did not satisfy my moistursing needs. Lasted for ages though.

Did I use all of this: yes

Would I repurchase this: NO. Way to runny.

Derma gentle cleansing milk:

Do not ever buy this, I made that mistake. It was on sale for uber cheap so I was hey why not but NO. It does not cleanse at all and it just felt like it left grease all over my face, so I just procdeded to use it as a body milk. It does not foam at all and you need a lot to feel some sort of soapy feeling. Luckily I needed to use tonnes of product to clease my body so I used it all up rather quickly.

Did I use all of this: Yes as a body milk.

Would I repurchase this: hell NO. Does not work at all.

 Ooh lala hand cream:
I bought this at target when it was like $2 instead of $5, I wish I had of bought more as I have not seen since. I love this hand cream. Its thick and it smells of coconut, so good!!! you only need a little bit and it spreads really nice. it gets soaked into the skin and leaves a slighltly greasey sheen but it goes away after about a minute. So good! I seem to have a penchant for hand creams... I just love moisturising them.

Did I use all of this: YES

Would I repurchase this: YES! if i could find it again... :( I hope so.

 Derma nourishing hand and nail cream:

Unfortunately I bought this at the same time as the milk, bad! Note to self: do not buy stuff from this brand ever again. I HATE the smell, it just smells so weird and chemically and like weird detergent. It was a pinky colour and again very watery, Gave no moisturising effect. And I couldnt stand the smell so it had to go.

Did I use all of this: Nope only once and then chucked it as I couldnt deal with the smell.

Would I repurchase this: Hell NO. I hate the smell and it did nothing.

Coral colours?:

I have actually no idea what this is, Ive had it since I was about 15 and it came in a pack with eyeshadows etc. Its gross, how did I keep this for so long... Its goopey and oily and eww.

Did I use all of us: Nope, maybe once or twice.

Would I repurchase this: was from a brand that has been discontinued or something...

Avon cream eyeshadow in some lilac colour:

I bought this a couple years ago through a avon agent so I couldnt test them. I wish I had of. I tried this once and put it back in the box, it stings my eyelids!!!! this seems to be the case with lots of cream eyeshadows but then I have very sensitive skin. VERY. I didnt like the colour and I didnt like the feeling so thus it had to go.

Did I use all of this: No, once as it stung.

Would I repurchase this: No, as I did not like the colour or the stinging effect.

 Revlon fire and ice mini perfume:

I got this perfume and 4 others in a gift set last xmas from my bfs mum, Ive used 4 out of 5 as my work perfumes so I dont have to waste my nice perfumes. It was like a small sampler pack. I cant say I really like the smell that much. I dont even remember so thats telling you something. I dont think the smell lingered too long. I much prefer designer branded perfumes. Yep.

Did I use all of this: Yes

Would  I repurchase this: No, I like my designer brands better and I have sex n the city perfumes for work. So no need for this tiny fellas.

Miki eye and lip palette:

This is another childhood makeup kit probs from when 12 or so... you can tell by the colours... ewww.
I think the eyeshadows were pretty weak but you can expect that from a childs eyeshadow kit.

Did I use all fo this: I think I used this a bit when I was younger but not recently so no its not empty.

Would I repurchase this: No, I dont know if still exists.But would be good to buy for a little girl who likes makeup.

 Manicare eyelashes:

I dislike these muchly. To long and to thick. I also hated the glue and it smelt funny. Ive moved onto gyaru branded eyelashes so no to crap like this.

Did I use all of this: I think I used these like 3 times, was enough for me.

Would I repurchase this: No.

Hand heaven lavender nail and cuticle smother:

I also bought this at target and I think its no longer there. I liked the smell but apart from that, no not really didnt do it for me. Was a semi thick but slightly runny consistency and it was meant to be a cream for your cuticles and fingers but I didnt see any improvements with my cuticles or anything.The smell was nice but eh not again. Again this was on sale for like $2 instead of $5.

Did I use all of this: Yes

Would I repurchase this: No, didnt do anything.

So all up 10 products:

9 full size
1 mini

5 tossed
5 used fully

Thats pretty allright right....

and ive already got some empties for the december empties :)