Tuesday, January 10, 2012

holidays and camping!

A couple of weekends before new years we went camping near rainbow beach on the sunshine coast, you need a 4wd to get there. My friend and I set up on the friday morning (the wind was so strong) and the bf and others came up at night.

We also stayed there at new years but in a different camping ground. First time was along the beach and second time in a campsite as the beach was booked out... :( so many people lit fireworks and flares on the beach at nye (which is illegal) but was good they did. Rainbow beach is a beautiful place and if you own a 4wd you shall love it to.

We climbed sanddunes, up to the lighthouse (but my camera died as we walked up so no views...) played sport, swam, relaxed and went 4wding (which i never thought would be fun but actually is.)

No makeup to be worn while camping! only suncream and even then I still got burnt....

 Taken from the car. Very cloudy... :(

 Sand dunes!

 On the massive sand dune drinking beer.

 Summer ahhhh.

 This was either dawn or dusk..

 Crab holes!

 This was taken about 6am...

 See the different coloured sands?


 Walking up the lighhouse but then my phone died.

 Red canyon! hard sand dunes

 You must go there sometime if you are in QLD, Australia. Screw the gold coast, sunshine coast much better and pretty.

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