Monday, January 16, 2012

Lime crime review

In the cyber monday sales back in november/december dunno when was... a while ago though i ordered some stuff from the lime crime website. I ordered the eyeshadow primer, the lilac lipstick and the eyeshadow pigment in empress. I think they had 30% off so the lipsticks worked to like $10? I cant remember but were reasonable otherwise bit to pricey for me plus postage.

 Pretty packaging!

 Pretty postcard it came with.

 Also a pretty sticker!

 And the goodies

 Pretty unicorns!!

OK, what do I think...

I love the packaging the package came in, I liked how their purple theme ran from the packaging to the actual packaging of the products. Ok so maybe I also bought this stuff because I love purple and cutesey. I thought the sticker and postcard of their carousel glosses was a nice touch. The package didnt take long to arrive, I think a week or so, and thats to Australia!!! Quick!

Lipstick: The colour of the lipstick i love, its so unique and so me. The packaging is very sturdy plastic and with a unicorn! the lipstick itself is very very moisturising but thats why its also bad. It pretty much melted and broke in the Brisbane weather. I may have pressed down a little to hard on the lipstick and the base broke and is now tilted to one side.... sigh. I think this may have been because a combination of heat and the lipstick being to soft... I find that I have to put at least 2 to 3 swipes of th lipstick for it to completely cover my lips otherwise it is quite streaky. You just cant have streaky purple lipstick otherwise you will see the lips underneath. It looks odd otherwise. Once applied properly though it looks beautfiul! I got so many compliments that my lips looked so moisturised as well as purple. I did love that it was moistursing (apart from it breaking/soft) because once on it lasted me at least 3 to 4 hourse (without eating.) It does not leave a stain though otherwise that could also look odd haha.

Would I repurchase this: Yes, but leave it in a cooler place or only use in winter. Brisbane summer is way to hot for it. Also want to try other colours.

Eyeshadow primer:

This primer comes in an adorable pastel green screw top jar? The product itself is a pale creamy beige. you have to swipe your finger/or brush on the palette. This means it could get grotty but eh, Ill be allright but it also means I can get all the product out!!! ho ho ho.
The consistency is like a cream eyeshadow, quite soft though but quite moisturising. I find that it gives quite a nice base to work with. Suits my colouring well. I wait a couple of minutes before I apply shadows though. I find that it doesnt blend well with fingers though but does allright when using brushes. Odd yeah? but I have had no problems with creasing!!!! even with the cheaper eyeshadows. I enjoy this. But then this is why I bought it...

Would I repurchase this: yes, but it may be a long long time away. and I also want to try other eyeshadow primer products.

The lipstick swatch and empress swatch

Eyeshadow pigment: Empress

Ok so I chose the wrong eyeshadow... I read reviews after I got this (why didnt I do this before!!!) but apparently this was is one of the worst eyeshadows they have because it does not have very good pigmentation. :( you can see from the photo. It has alot of fallout. I love the colour and the sturdy container but alas the pigmentation is not that great! Read a great review here: Dark side of beauty now I want some dragon scales and medusa (knew I should have picked medusa dammit) but I also want to try the fyrinnae eyeshadows (when the site lets me order!!!) they look amazing, look here: fyrinnae
Woulld I repurchase: Yes but different colours, namely dragon scales and medusa...

So what you think?


  1. LC is super cute and their parcel always comes impeccably packed.