Monday, August 29, 2011

Last post for tonight... promise

I did this co-ord, Dont think I like though, dont know how to wear this cardi yet...

 excuse face and hair, was in hurry
 we went to a street festival and we had to try these, as ive seen on other blogs
 it was ok... but im not really a big fan of potato... to oily for me, luckily ant liked better.

and now for some pretty pictures of nails and beauty that I got from another blog, cant remember whos though... but they arent mine lol.
I think they are froom popteen sept 2011

 Love these hairstyles, so cute with the pink undertones!!

 very rockish!

 I love the top hairstyle, very pretty

 Love the hair and zebra!

 No idea where headscarf is from but I do like it, since usually I hate them.... maybe its the colour leopard print

 I think this is a shop staff but shes cute

Cute yes?
Magazines are so pricey and if I wasnt saving for japan and sydney then I would buy but alas I can only look at scanned images, sigh

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