Monday, August 29, 2011

I havent updated in ages as im really lazy and dont get on laptop much, I spend all my time on iphone.

Anyway got some things, done some things since last update. Finished headphones, got purple foxtail and yeah.
Saw: captain america (liked it muchly)
green lantern (twice) it was ok except for blake lively.... ergh
cowboys and aliens (was lacking something so wasnt very good)
conan (liked it muchly! but very violent)
and if I saw other movies I cant remember...
ohhhh and been watching chuck seasons 1-3 (sooooo awesome!!!! cant wait for season 4) and tudors season 1 to 3, also great but not as great as chuck. Been watching so many as jbhifi has had 3 for 2 sales on dvd series, so great.

Anyway ant and I also went to the Brisbane royal show or ekka as I know it, I love it and I go every year, it involves animals, rides, showbags, exhibitions, etc etc. Didnt take to many photos though:

 This is a cake :o so many pretty cakes, made mostly from sugar I assume, there was even a geisha cake, dont know where the photo went though...
 Ho ho ho a fruit exhibitions, display made from fruits, veges, grains
 His name is ant and he loves apples.
 Pretty bonsai!!!
 Adorable chicken that amused me
 This rooster was adorable! and feirce
 Isnt he cute
 Headbutting goat, ho ho ho

 Now these kids are cute compared to human ones!

 I love me some goats
Ant doing archery...

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