Monday, August 29, 2011

Food thats awesome and gets

Ok second post for tonight..

Snack time, I love asian snacks but I havent posted my fav which is fried seaweed with wasabi flavouring,num nums Ill take pic next time.

But first, the weird puffs which taste sweet and seaweedy, did not like...
 I just bought as character was funny
 weird nugget of puff
 Second snack was puff of choc was salty outer but choc inside, was nice though
Almost like nuttella

Next up is crafty stuff, My headphones I decoed

 What you think...?

 My purple foxtail which Im super happy with, was like $18 bucks shipped and had a lovely gold clip, if you want seller on ebay just ask
 I also bought this from a korean store
Scary!!!!!!! It did nothing ecept my face feel tight after use... maybe I just tried wrong brand

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