Monday, August 29, 2011

Fairy kei...

Just posting cute pics I found, not mine!!!

 Oh god, I want this!!!!

 I like the yellow one!

 Who is she! I see her pics heaps of places!!!

 gyaru but popkei looking, what style is this?

 So colourful! dont know what style this is,,, fruits? decora? cyber? no idea

Oh god I want this! vivienne westwood! how much? as I want muchly

 oh kyary... I should do a whole post on you
 Adorable! I wanna make a pair!


 I want a shirt like this, tying in a knot seems to be popular lately... but think of the creases!

 Adorable nails and beanie, want!

 I really like this style, dunno if it has a name but loving the colour and pop culture references!

 Love the batman, not the crocs...

 Neeed this bag, I love mike *whats his face* cant spell last name ho ho ho

 I should make a pair!

I want a pair of those platform connies....

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