Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn 2011

Sorry so late, I never get on my computer.

I was looking at the TGC (tokyo girls collection) autumn 2011 parades, oh gosh so many pretties and brands ive never heard of but now really like. Its really difficult to find the runway pics but if you dont know where it is then here:

Btw im just showing the brands I actually liked stuff from.
First up: One spo: it reminded me of vivienne westwood and I loved the tartan

Venice exchange: loved the grunge feel but not that much

Cecil Mcbee: God did not lke very much... random fur vest, but did like spots. Hated the hideous denim skirt... ergh

Beams: not really a fan way to bohemith for me, only liked one shirt and that was for batman.

Urban research: liked their chequered fabrics. The spots and long pleated chiffon skirts appeared again.

bonica dot: didnt mind this

Labyrinth: wasnt really a fan, to girly bohemith for me, and to much colour tan.

Honey mi honey: loved this, may have been everything... I loved majority of it! the tartan, black, spots, coloured underskirts! gosh

Murua: didnt like whole outfits only bits, like the peter pan colours and the coats and the sheer blouses

Beauty Bar KEITA MARUYAMA: so much fur but I didnt really like it...

H & M: so much I liked, very on trend with the spots, peter pan collars and autumn colouring.

The night porter: God loved all of it!!!military, leather, fur, waist cinchers, it just screamed sex. and it was very similar to a collection from a designer last winter but for the life of me I cant remember who...

Serene Dept: nothing really hit me in the face so eh

Rirandture: liked the playfulness and the colours and fabrics.

Actus: so cute! I really liked the coords and different range of colours

DoubleFocus: Loved the stars and playfulness and adorable prints esp that star cardigan.

OK done!!! hope you enjoyed that!
Oh yeah and the brands I didnt like anything from were: american apparel, aquagirl ON THE STREET, lovedrose & Co, OZOC and I think thats it..

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