Sunday, September 11, 2011

Recent gets

I think I have realised that sunday is the day I update, so pretty much check in every sunday/monday and Im sure theyll be a bunch of posts...

Recently Ive been looking at lots of beautyblogs and I like that so when I buy beauty things I shall start reviewing em to.

Ok recent gets:
Batman related:
Very awesome graphic novel
and got this baby today! mwahahah
I also got the following things, this rice moulds (so cute) star and heart

and then I also got gossip girl season 4!!! nail polishes, lip gloss and eyeshadow which ill do reviews on in next post.

 pretty midnight metallic blue
 metallic gold
 candy bar colour, so pale pink but cute
Metallic eyeshadow, such full colours, need to get the gold/leopard one to.

Also in Brisbane we have the Brisbane festival every year in sept and last saturday we went to the fireworks on the river in the city and the glowing balls, pretty. and I got a chatime green tea matcha latte (so addictive)
Ant and I walked from southbank in a massive loop throug hthe botanical gardens to southbank again, its one thing I love about brisbane city.

 the balls during the day - you can see a pic of it at night later

taken from the goodwill bridge (we have like 7 bridges in like 1 km or something hahahahah)
 the balls lit up at night - they were changing colour

 We were watching from a hill in botanical gardens rather than face the masses in southbank...
and the delightful green match latte, yummmmy
oh yeah and outfit for the day, gosh im loving the blue top, ive worn it so much. I was in rush so pic before getting ready.
like the pink belt, been wearing it lots!

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  1. ooh i got the same lippgloss of rimmel :D it taste sooo yummi *___* <3