Sunday, December 11, 2011


I rarely get to dress up lately as I work in a uniformed environment and every second weekend is taken up with work. Thus fridays seem to be my dress up days. Bought so many clothes and stuff lately. And stuff I havent photographed yet...

 Hello kitty shorts and they are fleecy!!! warm but cant wait till at least april due to australian heat...

 A pikachu shirt from jayjays, also had meowth but eh, not a fan.

 Jewellery stand from diva $9.95 deal! just havent decided where to put yet.

 A eyeshadow palette from designer brands, cheap but works so well

 Purple nail polish, pretty colour

 Comics! just as im a fan.

 Im a big fan of ben hur, old but a classic.

 I am a massive gummi a holic, not a fan of choc but gummis are my love.

 Finally got me some real gyaru lashes, Ive been wanting these for ages. I got them from alphabeauty on ebay, recommend them!

 I also got these as they were cute to!

 Decided I would try this glue but have not used yet so ill let you know how good it is.

 Daiso brush cleaner. I used this once and so far I like it.

 Got some dry shampoo as everyone recommends it. Have not tried it yet though.

Adorable ring! hello kitty much? I got it from a market stall. I should take pics next time.

 I got this eyeliner as recommended, So far im loving it.

 Got this pretty star necklace, its quite christmasey but I was not thinking of xmas when I bought it...

 Did I mention I love in essence! silver eyeliner

 Turqouise eyeliner.

And last of all, these nailpolishes, so far I have 3 of there polishes but I want more.

And 1 outfit pic of me...
Star patterned top from temt $15 and shorts from mink pink $20. I bought em from work where we have a LOT of mink pink wooot sales soon. Like my eyeball bow, I wear it all the time, love it!!! and got the eyeball ring to. :)

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