Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OK! First post done and on to the fun stuff!

I have only recently really gotten into gyaru brands and I really do love Himegyaru but its pricey so I would moreso stick to typical gyaru. Hopefully I am sexy and cute enough :p but soon you can be the judge of that.

Be my friend!!!

Clothing I love at the moment!

Ok favourite brands so far (but alas I do not own...)
La Parfait
Jesus Diamante (If you like la parfait and Jesus Diamante you should check out "They call me KITTEN D'AMOUR" which is an Australian brand and some of stuff is quite similar. If you like and want I could even do shopping service)
Lip Service
Candy Stripper
Cecil Mcbee
Liz Lisa
and stuff from egg.

Hopefully I will get some/get even more brands to like in future.

Ok first up crave time:

Things that caught my eye/now I want. Time to drool

First we have Tralala

Then Cecil Mcbee (Can u tell I love tartan/leopard/zebra yet)

Egg magazine online store (yet?) And also the fairy kei looking stuff :)

Jesus Diamante (I love fur even though I dont like the idea of it)

La Parfait (So adorable! especially the polka dots :p)

Liz Lisa (I prefer their accessories to the clothing as i dont like the florals much)

Ma*rs (I think im liking them the best so far - leopard, fur, tartan and teddys!!!) 

JSG (So unique and punky - me likes)

And for some reason a pic of stuff from candy stripper didnt show :p
but GOSH I want the turqouise fox tail! And to think I nearly bought one at a medieval festival! why oh why didnt I and at only $20 AUS. Dam!

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