Sunday, October 3, 2010

Trying to find false eyelash glue. What and where is the best?

Hmmm I was looking through a arcade the other day where they sell Japanese cosmetics and they were selling dollywinks eyelash glue for $37 is that pricey for being sold in Australia?

Here the eyelash glue Im talking about:

Holy Cow it is as I just found on for $16.90 SGD which is $13.24 AUS! shite what a rip job :p but that means SGD $19.40 handling fee icksss which is $15.20 AUS so all up its just under errrgh $28.44. And I thought AUS Post was expensive...


found on for US 13.79 which is about $14.20 AUS. Plus shipping but still sounds cheaper!...

then I found on saying was US $8.90!!! but I know shipping from hong kong is usually cheap but I dunno if its the real deal.

But apart from these websites does anyone know anywhere else good and cheap?
Or even better what is your favourite eyelash glue? As big brands are not necssarily the best!

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