Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exfoliators! DIY

Ok you need to exfoliate your hands about once a week at the minimum to remove any dead skin cells and here are DIY exfoliants (instead of buying some) for your hands:

Simple Sugar Exfoliant:
Combine two parts granulated sugar (not superfine/powdered) to one part body lotion, cream or oil.
Mix them together until you have a thick paste.
Scrub your hands and feet with it.
Rinse thoroughly.
Store excess in airtight jar and label with date and it will be good for a week.

Tropical Fruit Exfoliant:
Pineapple and papaya contain rich sources of alpha hydroxy acids which is powerful natural exfoliant.
Start with ripe, whole fruit then peel it and cut off flesh (which you can eat!).
You have to look for the centre of the fruit which is the core of the pineapple or the pit of the papaya which bit of fruit still attached which makes a great buffer.
Roll it in sugar and gently scrub your arms and legs. If sugar desolves simply recoat in sugar.
For bit of boost add pinch of finely ground coffee to sugar for circulation.
Then rinse off when finished.

Other exfoliants
Include using olive oil with zested lemon peel and sugar.

Nut oil - walnut, almond or peanut with a few drops of vanilla along with sugar.

Corn/canola oil with contents of favourite tea bag and sugar.

Recipes taken from "Rescue your nails" but Ji Baek.

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