Monday, October 18, 2010

Wish List

Sorry I never update on the weekend, I spend all weekend with the bf so yeah...

If I was going to Japan I need a list for stuff I want and this is the list for when I do.
List starts now:

1. Dollywinks eyelash glue

2. False Eyelashes: Not sure what brands yet was thinking from Daiso, Dollywinks, Decorative

Does anyone know how much roughly eyelashes cost? Cause Ive only seen $40 Dollywinks ones for sale in Brisbane.... *gasp*

3. Fox tail - not sure what brand yet or what colour.. maybe grey or pink?

ヴェントオンラインショップ テールファーホルダー

4. Usamimi - Dunno what brand or anything yet..

5. Selection of magazines from popteen, egg, popsister, ageha, ranzuki. As many as I can get: also some nail mags, gothic lolita and deco mags hopefully.

6. Bags!!!! I really want some of the stuff from Spank! Chocomint, Swimmer and some other brands...
 I really like this one from egg: The bags in the middle - I want something pastel, furry and fairy keiish and then I want something big and/or leopard print.

CECIL McBEE(セシルマクビー)通販 |キルティングロゴチェーンバッグ
CECIL McBEE(セシルマクビー)通販 |ミニバッグハッピーパイルバッグ

S la s album with The Ribbon x BAG

[S] Kirutinku star BAG

Can you tell I love bags...

7. Kigurumis !!!! ive been wanting one for ages I want a hello kitty one, jigglypuff one (bulbasaur maybe for bf) and a stitch one. These for sure hopefully! But not these gyarus makeup :p

8. Stuff from spank! Chocomint, Swimmer 6% doki doki.

I want headphones dammit! and headstuffs and accessories...

9. Gloomy bear, hello kitty, my melody, kuromi and cinnamoroll stuff. I already have tonnes of stuff but I need more!!!

10. Lolita stuff! I havent decide what or from what brands yet but maybe from some of the indie brands and angelic pretty. Maybe something from atelier boz/pierrot, Moi Meme Moitie etc.

11. Stuff from Ma*rs, La parfait, Liz Lisa, and such. Anything gyaru fashion yes please!

12. Shoes!!!!!! Gothic, lolita, fairy kei and gyaru!

 13. Accessories!!! I wnat these!!!!

With Leg Feast Feikufari

☆ ☆ new Nittoribonheddobando Ventoonrainshoppu
 [S] Ventoonrainshoppu MOOK new Paruribonringu ☆ ☆
Image Name 1

14. Umbrella!!!! I need a cute, ruffley one and one that isnt a lotta folding one!

Man Im gonna have so much fun once I start getting money. I wish a job would hurry up and take me! I hate being a bum.. I have approximately 7 months to get enough money. Dunno how much would be good....

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