Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beauty and looking after your nails

I have been reading a lot of nail beauty books in Particular: Rescue your nails by ji Baek and I recommend you should all read it if you never know what to do for your nails.

She recommends using moisutiser all the time on your hands as when you age you can tell how old you are by your hands and not so much your face so you should always take care of them. She suggests using a facial moisturiser on your hands after you wash your hands or one that contains spf especially and to put cream on before you sleep that is more moisture enriched so your hands have time to soak it in.

You dont need to spend lots of money on caring for your hands and you can probably find stuff around the house that help your hands instead of going out and buying expensive products. She suggests using facial eye creams, anti aging creams, night creams and lip balms on your hands if you do not want to buy hand creams and these products have the perfect consistency for your hands.

At the moment I have  trawled my mums sample makeup from giveaways and such and bathroom and have found what I need, this includes:

l-occitane shea-butter-hand-cream

which I got a sample of, which is really rich but not to oily.

Then been using

Clinique Youth Surge

which also sample and contains spf and I put on same time as my face but I find better for hands than face as my face seems to be sensitive.


Clinique Total Turnaround

Can you tell my mum gets clinique a lot?
But I use this one for nighttime as its really rich and really soaks in.

And last

Clinique advanced stop signs eye

which is pretty much link shown but i use this at night and swap bewteen this one and above one.

Im just saying you can use things that are in your house  already and this well help you to have healthy looking hands!

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