Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mwahahah pics from zombie walk!!!

Was so dam awesome but also very very sticky... We made blood from raspberry jam, corn starch, colouring, and golden syrup (treacle) and yeah had to use baby wipes on legs cuz soaked through and went though to underwear - eeeek! They are currently being bleached :(

But yeah I even had this japanese girl from universal studios makeup department ask me about my blood (wish I had of talked to her long cuz I want some japanese friends) but some people were so rude, saying shit like why you dressed like that and giving me shit. God people can be so annoying. But so fun scaring people and getting photos taken, etc.

This is us - Im the bloody girl with glasses :)

 This is my bf and I (he is zombie batman :)

There were at least 2 thousand in the walk, blood was splattered on cars, buses, roads, walls even a police van! (even though people not meant to, I didnt!) and cars were getting annoyed as they couldnt drive till we all left!!! hahahahah so many beeping! hah. people shoulda checked that Brisbane city would be off limits!

 Difficult to take photos as hands bloody, sticky and not cool to walk with camera! otherwise I would take pictures of surge of people.


I made 6 usamimis after buying one the other day - Ill post photos morro!

and I made 2 bows!!!

I was being crafty! So pics morro

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