Wednesday, July 6, 2011

kera influenced

On tuesday I got to be a little bit more gal, since when I work I dont get to look nice....
I was influenced by nana kitade and kanako (ive only just found out about her) but I do like incorporating rockish/punkish styles with gal.

 What you think, Was wearing boots to, excuse the mess...

Also I lost my foxtail a couple of weeks ago and so bought new one, im just waiting for it to arrive and I also bought another. So hopefully my grey tail and my PURPLE tail will come in soon, Ill post pics!

And my friend went to england and she brought me back a Harrods pink coin purse, cute and pink and sparkly!!! woops forgot to turn it...

Hmm im thinking of getting some stuff from gmarket after reading some reviews about etude house from ciramisu and pink latte. Some awesome stuff on their blogs!!!

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