Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend! and underwear

Somehow I never take any photos over the weekend or my food which is a pity as I eat lots. We sat harry potter 7 part 2 on thuesday, it was great as i wasnt disappointed compared to how I was with all the others (except chamber of secrets) and friday had a dvd night with friends while drinking and I had a party sat night and we walked a long long way to train station as we were very drunk :p

Anyway also bought many bras from trade secret (discount prices but you can find some awesome finds!!! esp underwear) I spent about $80 but look how much awesome stuff I got including a beautiful pleasure state bra. Enjoy!!!

sexy pleasure state bra, so pretty

 Had a pretty crystal dangly bit
 This is hot pink not red...

has an adorable key/lock charm
Beats me how got upside down!!! lame.. its like grey/purple

Nice haul!!

Also I got a tumblr:

It has a lot of fairy kei/gyaru/av/comic book stuff

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