Monday, July 11, 2011

New gets

Ok well havent been up to much lately, been doing some sewing, working on my nails, shopping, working etc etc but on the weekend all work no play so no nice photos...

God discovered so many new blogs lately, fantastic blogs and so many americans talking about this casey anthony case, had not even heard about it in australia...

Anyway here is some gets:

got this lovely floral jump suit from target today, it has lovely tucks and tie on waist (which you cant see) and it was discounted to $14 yay!!! so cute but had to get a large as no mediums and small/xsmall too small at chest, heh.

Also got these lovely perfume atomizers for great price and I had been wanting some for ages to put perfumes in when travelling/going about business

Aren't they pretty! im going to deco them a bit though (lids etc)

Then I also got these tops, strupey one white and midnight bluey navey and I love nautical and other shirt for work since I have to wear black :(

And my grey foxtail arrived (shorter and more fake looking than one I lost :( but oh well)

Also last week I made this fur vest (which I plan on decking out with chains)

and a laugh for zoolander fans, we were passing a starbucks and they had this photo and my bf almost jizzed his pants (kidding) and had to have one. I hate coffee and orange choc so not for me....

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